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How new website and one email bring 40000$ in commission and 3 new listings for Jeniffer from Austin

Greetings, everyone! This is Nazar, CEO of Branderly, and I'm thrilled to share an inspiring story from one of our clients. Initially seeking a straightforward website, she soon witnessed unimaginable results from our brand-new website and email campaigns. Stay tuned to discover how enhancing your digital presence can propel your real estate career to unprecedented heights!

Nazar Dziadyk

CEO at Branderly


Goals Jennifer approached us with a request for a new website. Dissatisfied with her previous site, provided by another web development company, she found it lacked personalization and failed to distinguish her among the multitude of similar websites — over 10, to be exact. While this was a concern, our discussion with Jennifer unveiled an additional ambition — she wanted to delve deeper into digital marketing, aiming to drive more traffic to her website. During our conversation, Jennifer disclosed that she already possessed an impressive repository of around 3,000 lead emails in her Austin area. Recognizing the potential, we quickly concluded that venturing into email marketing was a prudent step, even if cautiously with a few initial emails. The decision proved to be spot-on, given our initial uncertainty about the email quality. Yet, it turned out to be a wise move, and here's why!


Following the development of Jennifer's revamped website, which significantly enhanced her branding (check out a demo of what Branderly can create for your real estate brand here), we decided to kick off a broad email marketing campaign. Our offer included enticing options like checking out featured listings, obtaining a free evaluation, or snagging a list of the most profitable houses to buy in Austin.

We launched this campaign to a pool of 3,000 individuals and saw some promising outcomes. At the conclusion, we garnered approximately 12 buying leads, with 2 successfully converting into deals. Additionally, 76 individuals downloaded the curated list, and 27 requested a free evaluation. Notably, 3 of those evaluators eventually chose Jennifer to sell their houses.

Here's a glimpse of the template we used, along with the campaign results. Now, let's delve deeper into the strategy and uncover the key factors that contributed to these successful results.


The strategy was rather straightforward: conduct market research, develop a compelling website, and initiate targeted email marketing campaigns—plain and simple. Now, let's delve into the details of how we executed each step.

Market Research

In a previous case study, I discussed our approach to market research, particularly how we generated 100 Real Estate leads for Andy in Oakland. To keep it concise, our primary objective is to analyze our competitors—scrutinizing their websites, ads, email campaigns, and more. This comprehensive exploration allows us to discern what strategies truly resonate in Jennifer's Austin farm area.

Following this research, we've honed in on precise templates for the new website, ensuring it aligns with the preferred style and caters to the unique characteristics of Jennifer's market. For instance, we avoid creating a luxury-themed website if the offerings are budget-friendly, as this could create a discordant impression.

Moreover, armed with insights from studying competitor emails, we focus on crafting designs and messaging that elevate Jennifer's outreach. If you're curious about the tools we use for market research, you can explore another detailed case study [link].

Website Development

Through a meticulous process that involves gathering insights from competitors and conducting in-depth interviews, we've crafted a website for Jennifer that not only captures attention but also instills trust in her brand. This transformation elevates her entire online presence to a whole new level.

For just $99 per month with Branderly, you can benefit from this comprehensive package. We've designed various pages tailored specifically for Jennifer:

  • Landing Page: The first impression that captivates.
  • Free Evaluation Offer: A compelling proposition for potential clients.
  • Home Search: An easy-to-navigate page for property exploration.
  • Top 25 Profitable Houses in Austin: A page featuring forms to download the current list of lucrative properties available for purchase.
  • About Us: Providing a glimpse into Jennifer's story and expertise.
  • Contact Us: A straightforward way to get in touch.
  • Integrated IDX Features: Ensuring seamless property listing integration.
  • CRM Connection with EMS Integration: Streamlining communication and maximizing the impact of email marketing services.

All of these elements come together to enhance Jennifer's online presence, and you can avail yourself of this transformative package at just $99 per month with Branderly.

Email Marketing

Now, let's delve into the secret sauce that played a pivotal role in achieving remarkable results for Jennifer—enter email marketing. Armed with a substantial email base of 3000 contacts, we recognized the opportune moment to put email marketing to the test. We designed a straightforward yet highly effective email marketing flow, and the initial results were nothing short of impressive, as illustrated on the screen.

Crucially, the success of your email marketing hinges on your offer. At each step of our campaign, we set specific goals. The subject line aimed to entice recipients to open the email, the email content sought to persuade them to click through to the website, and the website was strategically crafted to prompt visitors to leave a request. Throughout this journey, we consistently infused intrigue and compelling reasons to click on the next button.

The key takeaway here is to adopt a similar strategy. Provide irresistible offers that compel people to engage, or, as blunt as it sounds, they might be missing out. If you're interested in discussing a tailored strategy for your real estate business, feel free to schedule a session with me. I'd be delighted to share insights and discuss how digital marketing can elevate your business.

Bottom Line

I trust you found our latest case study insightful, underscoring the advantages of a stellar website when paired with other digital marketing tools. In our case, email marketing took the spotlight, but for you, it might be Facebook ads, Google, SEO, and the like. However, before delving into ad expenditures, prioritize your online presence, starting with your website. Think of it like inviting guests to your house – if it's unkempt, no one, not even you, would want to linger.

Discover how Branderly can craft a website for you at just $349, transforming it into the inviting space you'd be proud to host guests in. Simply schedule a call with me, and I'll unveil the real magic behind creating a website that feels like the coziest spot for your visitors.

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