Get a truly personalized Real Estate website


All the essentials to build a robust real estate brand.
Cultivate a steady influx of new leads with your personal website.

  • Choose from 3 Niche-tailored Templates
  • IDX integration
  • CRM integration
  • Lead Magnets
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Dedicated Web Designer
  • Dedicated Web Developer


+ $99 per month


Acquire a bespoke Real Estate website custom-tailored to your needs.
Enhance your digital presence turning your website into asset.

Everything from standard +
  • Fully Tailored Website
  • Email Marketing setup
  • Ad Creatives Design
  • Social Media Plan
  • 2+ Landing Pages
  • A secret bonus!
  • Dedicated Digital Marketer


+ $149 per month

Packages Comparison

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Template customizationChoose from 3 templatesTailored to your needs
Home search
Property evaluation
Market reports
IDX integration
Mortgage calculator
Social media integration
Open House Page
Custom Forms
Recently Reduced Price
Landing pages
Buyer's guide
Seller's guide
CRM integration
CRM setup
Search Engine Optimization
Domain setup
SEO Meta tags
XML Sitemap
SEO-Friendly URLs
On-page SEO
Marketing tools
Email Marketing setup
Ad Creatives
Social Media Plan
Secret bonus
Human Resources
Web Designer
Web Developer
Digital Marketer
$349 initial payment +
$99 per month
$1499 initial payment +
$149 per month


“I'm lucky I found Branderly through Facebook ads. I was hesitant at first, but at $100/month, I gave it a shot. Now, I've got the best website in my area. Really happy with their work!”

Olivia Thompson

Real Estate Agent

“Branderly did an exceptional job creating a website for me. I can now confidently showcase it to my clients, and it truly reflects the professionalism and identity of my brand. The team at Branderly exceeded my expectations, and I am thrilled with the results. Highly recommended!”

Jason Reynolds

Real Estate Agent

“Working with Nazar and Oleg was a pleasure. They took the time to explain everything about websites and how they could work for me during our call. They not only delivered great work but also assisted me in setting up ads. I highly recommend them—100%!”

Emily Parker

Real Estate Agent

“I used another website provider before and paid three times more. Now, with Branderly, I have an even better website for just $100, and it's delivering superior results. Happy to have found you guys!”

Adam Mitchell

Real Estate Agent

“I collaborated closely with Branderly, particularly with their CEO, Nazar, who played a pivotal role in developing my comprehensive marketing strategy and guiding me towards my next steps in marketing activities.”

Demian Lazurko

CEO at MyRealProfit

“Thanks to their expertise, my blog is not only driving significant traffic but also consistently generating new leads.”

Nazar Moroz

COO at Extela

“They not only crafted a visually stunning website that has become a constant destination for my customers but also orchestrated a marketing campaign.”

Ulyana Datsyshyn

Founder of Datsyshyn School

“Guys completely revamped my approach to client acquisition. While I used to believe that paid ads were the be-all and end-all of my strategy, I now realize that content marketing is delivering three times the results.”

Roman Hymon

CEO at DarkStone Studio

“I had previous agencies handle my Google Ads, but the results were lackluster. Branderly changed everything. In just three weeks, they doubled my sales and reduced my CPA.”

Oleksandr Tyshchenko

Founder of Dion

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Website that helps Real Estate agents close more deals?
Once I heard the idea, it became my passion.

Oleh Palazhii

CTO at Branderly

Until I saw the final solution, I couldn't stop asking questions.
Now I feel truly confident spreading our product.

Nazar Dziadyk

CEO at Branderly

I personally chatted with 100s of Real Estate agents.
Strong personal brand is the deepest desire!

Ksenya Khodakovska

CRM at Branderly

We have built something! I am excited to work here.
Branderly helps people and it works profitably both sides!

Lyubomyr Bahriy

Digital Marketer at Branderly