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How we generated 100 Real Estate leads for Andy from Oakland

Howdy everyone, I'm Nazar, the CEO and Co-founder of Branderly. Today, I want to share a real success story from one of our clients in the real estate biz. We helped them score big, and I'll spill the beans on the tips and tricks that led to those awesome results.

Nazar Dziadyk

CEO at Branderly


We're diving into the game-changing impact of having a killer website and a savvy strategy for rocking Facebook ads. If you're keen on leveling up your realtor game through digital marketing, this case study is your golden ticket. It'll save you a bunch of time on figuring out how to kick off and pull in results through Facebook ads and your own website. Let's get into it! 🚀


Our starting aim was to rustle up some fresh leads for Andy in his Oakland turf, all while keeping things budget-friendly. We had a modest $1000 for the whole digital marketing shebang – not exactly rolling in dough, but here at Branderly, we know how to make every penny count.

Before teaming up with us, Andy was throwing cash at Zillow for leads. The problem? The competition was off the charts, and in the end, he was shelling out 50-100 bucks for leads that were basically duds. So, we decided to ditch the Zillow ads hustle and shift our focus to Facebook ads, steering traffic straight to our own website. Smart move, right?


We divvied up the budget like this: $500 for Facebook ads, $349 for whipping up a top-notch website for Andy that included MLS and CRM integration, and $150 set aside for future retargeting. On day one, I got a call from Andy, and honestly, I was a tad nervous. My mind was racing with worries, but turns out, Andy had some exciting news. We snagged our first four leads, and get this—they only cost us five bucks each! Instant relief and joy flooded in. It meant our strategy and the slick website we cooked up were paying off big time.

But hey, no time to kick back just yet. The world of Facebook ads is a rollercoaster, and unexpected twists can happen. Still, check out the scoop below to see how our ad campaign rocked it for 25 days straight. We pulled in 109 leads, spent $532, and now, it's spill-the-beans time on how we pulled off these numbers. Let's dive in! 🌟


Now, let's talk strategy. I won't bore you with every nitty-gritty detail—that'd be a whole book! Instead, I'll give you the lowdown on the key takeaways from this case study. These are the tricks that worked wonders for Andy, and you can easily apply them to your own game plan. Ready to dive into the three main steps? Here we go! 🚀

Market Research

Before diving into any marketing for Andy, we kick things off with some good ol' market research. We need answers to key questions: Who are our competitors? How are they shouting about themselves? Do they have a website? Are they splashing cash on ads, and if so, where (Zillow, Google, Facebook, or elsewhere)? Are they making waves on Google Search? After this detective work, we gather up a treasure trove of insights that lay the groundwork for our success strategy. Now, how do we do this research? I rely on two trusty tools:

  • Facebook Ads Library: This gem lets us peek at our competitors' ads by searching keywords in their text.
  • Ahrefs (Paid): This tool spills the beans on where our competitors are getting their website traffic from, giving us the lowdown on the SEO scene.

Armed with these answers, we're all set to roll up our sleeves and start crafting that killer website.
Let the game begin!

Website Development

At first, Andy figured just having a Zillow page or using social media forms would do the trick. Then, we hit him with the facts. On Zillow, he was dishing out 50-100 bucks per lead, and what did he get? Just one lead, no more. People saw his face, and that was that.

Now, enter Facebook. For the same 50 dollars, not only did he reel in more leads, but over a grand in folks got eyes on his ad. Three percent of that crew checked out his slick, custom-made website, realizing he's the go-to expert. Plus, some of them dropped their info, eager for his services. That's when the light bulb went off for Andy, and he hopped on board with having his own website. It turned out to be a game-changer, especially when paired up with the powerhouse that is Facebook ads. Success story in the making!

Facebook Ads

Now, it's time to spill the beans on the grand finale of our efforts—the strategy that scored Andy over 100 leads at just 5 bucks each.

First things first, keep in mind that your ad's job isn't to convert right then and there but to sell the click. You've got to convince folks to hit that ad and take the bait. How did we do it? By adding a touch of mystery to our ads. We crafted an offer that screamed, "Oakland Real Estate Gems: The 10 Most Profitable Homes to Acquire Now." So why did this offer hit the sweet spot?

  • Intrigue: People want to check out those top 10 properties, and to do that, they need to cough up their contact info. A win-win for us.
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): Picture this offer staring you in the face. You'd be scared to miss out on some prime info that could land you a sweet deal.
  • Downloadable Material: To get people's data, you've got to have something enticing to share. That's how you kick off that first transaction, building trust with your leads.

As for an example, here's the image we used for the ad:

And you might be itching for a walkthrough of how I set up campaigns, etc., but hold up! That's it! The main goal is to whip up a killer offer, create a landing page that scoops up the data, and then reach out to seal the deal. Easy peasy!

Bottom line

I trust this case study shed some light on the path to snagging leads. Sometimes, you don't have to plunge into the nitty-gritty of ad tech or hunt for elusive tools promising leads. Instead, let your leads gravitate toward your stellar offer. Serve up something valuable, irresistible—just like what we're offering real estate agents: the perfect website for a mere 99 bucks a month. It's a deal that speaks for itself!

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