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Take advantage of Facebook's vast reach and its 2.6 billion active users,
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How to drive deals with Email Marketing?

Custom-crafted Email Journeys

Get ready for a personal touch in your emails! Our custom-crafted email journeys are like a guided tour just for your real estate leads. Tailored to what makes your audience tick, they create a seamless experience that keeps your clients hooked and connected.

Niche-tailored Email Templates

Stand out in the email crowd with our special templates. They're like the trendiest outfits for your messages, making sure your emails catch the eye of your audience and shout out your unique real estate vibe.

Automated Email Campaigns

Save time without losing the personal touch! Our automated email campaigns do the hard work for you, delivering messages at just the right time. It's like having a virtual assistant keeping your real estate brand on the radar of potential clients, 24/7.

Optimization and A/B Testing

Make every email a winner! With our easy tweaks and tests, we make sure your messages hit the sweet spot for engagement and deals. It's like finding the perfect slice for success in the world of real estate!

Build Customer Relationships

Create a steady lead flow

Elevate your real estate business by establishing and nurturing meaningful connections with clients. Our strategies ensure personalized communication, fostering engagement and trust for lasting relationships.

Seller leads
Buyer leads
Conversion Rate Optimization

Amplify Deal Success

We optimize conversion rates for your real estate campaigns. Fine-tuning every aspect, we transform leads into successful deals, propelling your business toward unprecedented growth and efficiency.

Streamlined Efficiency
Accelerated Growth
Integrate your CRM

Never miss a deal

Ensure you never miss connecting with a lead. Our CRM-integrated lead capture forms enable you to optimize lead management within a unified platform.

CRM integration
CRM setup

“I'm lucky I found Branderly through Facebook ads. I was hesitant at first, but at $100/month, I gave it a shot. Now, I've got the best website in my area. Really happy with their work!”

Olivia Thompson

Real Estate Agent

“Branderly did an exceptional job creating a website for me. I can now confidently showcase it to my clients, and it truly reflects the professionalism and identity of my brand. The team at Branderly exceeded my expectations, and I am thrilled with the results. Highly recommended!”

Jason Reynolds

Real Estate Agent

“Working with Nazar and Oleg was a pleasure. They took the time to explain everything about websites and how they could work for me during our call. They not only delivered great work but also assisted me in setting up ads. I highly recommend them—100%!”

Emily Parker

Real Estate Agent

“I used another website provider before and paid three times more. Now, with Branderly, I have an even better website for just $100, and it's delivering superior results. Happy to have found you guys!”

Adam Mitchell

Real Estate Agent

“I collaborated closely with Branderly, particularly with their CEO, Nazar, who played a pivotal role in developing my comprehensive marketing strategy and guiding me towards my next steps in marketing activities.”

Demian Lazurko

CEO at MyRealProfit

“Thanks to their expertise, my blog is not only driving significant traffic but also consistently generating new leads.”

Nazar Moroz

COO at Extela

“They not only crafted a visually stunning website that has become a constant destination for my customers but also orchestrated a marketing campaign.”

Ulyana Datsyshyn

Founder of Datsyshyn School

“Guys completely revamped my approach to client acquisition. While I used to believe that paid ads were the be-all and end-all of my strategy, I now realize that content marketing is delivering three times the results.”

Roman Hymon

CEO at DarkStone Studio

“I had previous agencies handle my Google Ads, but the results were lackluster. Branderly changed everything. In just three weeks, they doubled my sales and reduced my CPA.”

Oleksandr Tyshchenko

Founder of Dion

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that people ask most

Email marketing provides a direct and personalized way to connect with potential clients. It nurtures leads, keeps your audience engaged, and fosters lasting relationships, ultimately driving more real estate deals.

Absolutely. Compared to traditional marketing methods, email marketing is a cost-effective tool that allows you to communicate with a large audience instantly. It's an efficient way to market your listings, share valuable insights, and stay top-of-mind with clients.

We implement robust analytics to track key metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. This data-driven approach enables us to assess the performance of your campaigns, optimize strategies, and ensure a high return on investment for your real estate business.

Absolutely. Email marketing is an excellent tool for staying connected with past clients. We craft engaging content, share market updates, and offer exclusive deals to ensure your real estate brand remains in their minds, fostering repeat business.

We employ various strategies, including compelling lead magnets, engaging content, and targeted promotions, to build and grow your email subscriber list. This ensures that your campaigns reach a broader audience, increasing the potential for real estate leads and conversions.